Kate Middleton Openly About Motherhood: I often feel a lot of guilt

Kate Middleton Openly About Motherhood: I often feel a lot of guilt

Whether she is a queen, princess, duchess or something else, her mother is, after all, just a mother and her feelings and concern for children cannot be changed or diminished, no matter how much money she has. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton recently admitted that even she sometimes feels "motherly guilt" when she disappoints her children.
Kate Middleton is rich enough to raise her children with all the privileges, Insider writes. In her first podcast interview, she opened up with Giovanni Fletcher, the host of "Happy Mom, Happy Baby," about motherhood, pregnancy, and her efforts to balance her royal duties with parenting responsibilities.

When asked by the presenter if she had ever felt "motherly guilt," she replied, "Absolutely. I think any mother who says she didn't feel it is lying."

The guilt that comes when you have to disappoint your children is a real challenge that you have to deal with, according to psychiatrist Pooje Lakshmin.

"Maternal guilt" is a particularly difficult part of parenting

"It's much more devastating than the guilt that comes from other parents or from society," Lakshmin says. She also added that it is also important to understand that blame is a normal part of parenting and does not necessarily mean that the parent should do something different.

Kate Middleton said she felt special guilt that morning when giving her interview. George and Charlotte expressed anxiety that their mom would not be able to pick them up from school: "There are so many challenges, but I'm a mom who holds everything in her hands and whatever you do, you want to make sure you do the best possible thing for your kids."

This is not the first time the Duchess has shared her daily parenting challenges with the public.

She has previously spoken about the isolation parents feel

When she visited the Children's Center in Wales last month, Kate spoke of the loneliness she felt when she first became a mother, saying that she would have liked to have had a Children's Center nearby at the time as support.

"I can understand that people are hesitant to seek help for fear of being judgmental and how quickly that sense of isolation can overcome and weaken any new parent," Kate wrote in a letter to the Center.

She also said she plans to continue helping parents and children gain easier access to a variety of services and programs: "I understand the role of parents is significant and I understand the importance of working to make it easier for parents to seek help," said the Duchess of Cambridge. .
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