The Duke and Duchess of Sussex begin their new life on March 31st

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex begin their new life on March 31st

British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been breaking up with the royal family since March 31, the couple's office announced on Wednesday.
The announcement comes at a time when Buckingham Palace is considering the use of the term "Sussex Royal" for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following their decision to leave royal duties. Discussions are ongoing among senior officials on the issue and a decision will be made along with the launch of their new nonprofit.

The decision of the royal couple to want to leave the royal duties surprised the UK public. Prince Harry said he wanted to create a more peaceful life without journalists recording, photographing and writing about him since he was born.

Harry and Meghan will no longer use the titles "his royal highness and her royal highness", but will still retain them, leaving open the possibility for the couple to change their minds and return to the royal family sometime in the future.

Harry's late mother, Diana, was stripped of the title of "her royal highness" when she and Prince Charles divorced.

It is a reminder that Prince Harry and his wife will leave most of their royal duties, quit public funding and try to become financially independent. The couple, who received the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex after their wedding, are expected to spend most of their time in Canada maintaining their home in England, near Windsor Castle, according to the Associated Press.
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